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Paper Pickup Challenge

The other day my PT student impressed me with her ability to not only pick a piece of paper up, but also put it back down!

Why was this so impressive? Because you put a folded sheet of paper on the floor, stand on one leg, and pick it up with only your mouth- no hands allowed!

I had been aware of the Paper Pickup Challenge in Fall 2017, but hadn’t tried it myself.

What a great physical challenge! Success requires good joint mobility and flexibility, as well as core and hip strength and stability. One must be able to not only balance on one foot, but stay balanced with a shifting center of mass.

I invited everyone at work to try, with mixed success. Some people used a helping tool by placing the paper on an elevated surface. That day I started with a two inch high surface, but ultimately was able to get it from the floor.

Can you do it? I’d love to see your videos!

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