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The Complete Read & Knead kit from Tune Up Fitness is exactly what you need to get started on your self-massage journey. Jill Miller’s bestselling book, The Roll Model, covers 100s of self-care routines spanning across the entire body using her full line of Therapy Ball soft tool self-myofascial release products. The kit comes with all three sizes of solid massage balls, designed to deeply relieve pain and discomfort from the head to toe, and the air-filled Coregeous Ball for your core and other areas that need a gentle touch. All fit perfectly in the included shoulder tote so you can bring the self-care anywhere. Learn more about the Roll Model Method on @tuneupfitness

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Hydration Guide

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As used by the Houston Ballet, this hydration guide provides guidelines and education. Feel free to print and/or share digital copies with your dance school, team, and company.


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Dr. Katie van den Heuvel, PT, PAM-MC

Jennifer Milner/Bodies In:Motion

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Mobile Phone

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Pilates Training and Private Coaching: Request private coaching for variations/competitions, college or professional auditions,  or to improve technique


Use code: SPOTON10

Expires July 11, 2021

Additional details:

This comprehensive evidence based screening includes functional mobility, strength, and flexibility, as well as ballet specific skills assessment and optional pointe readiness testing.


Participants receive a report with additional education and interpretation of their individual results.


Expires June 19, 2021


You have replay access for ONE WEEK following the live presentation on Saturday, June 12, 2021

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