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If you have never taken a ballet class before, or it has been years since you took a class, this is the place for you!



Beginner Ballet

athletics with aesthetics

"I am loving this class"

"Getting my ballet body back!"

"I am excited to regain strength in all the places I've lost it"

You will be getting access to a welcoming ballet class lead by a Cecchetti trained dance educator and physical therapist that is dedicated to sharing the beauty and challenge of classical ballet technique from the comfort of your home. Workout and maintain a safe social distance!




Get 7 days of express workouts that are each less than 15 minutes - FREE

with purchase of this class!

Here is what to expect

in this program

Sign up for the absolute beginner Adult Ballet Class online.

Learn and practice with prerecorded classes on your own time. (These classes originally filmed with live adult ballet beginners- just like you!)

Get answers to your questions, learn additional information, socialize with other adult beginners, and get support with the Facebook group. 

 This program helps improve your balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and fitness from home!

This is an online program that can be accessed on your computer or phone.

Want to get into ballet?

Need a place to dance that welcomes adults of all ages and sizes?

Struggling with balance, strength, or flexibility?

Not getting the theater roles you want cause you are weak with dance?

Don't have the ability to take classes in person?

Miss the days of having a good workout with classical music?


*You will get out what you put in. Are you ready for Top Performance?

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