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5 Reasons to Prepare for Fall Dance with an Online Dance Wellness Screening

There’s no doubt that dance takes strength, flexibility, balance, and technique – but did you know that these four aspects of fitness are also essential to your overall wellness? Even if you’re not in rehearsals and competitions yet, it’s important to prepare yourself with an online dance wellness screening before you begin training hard again. Here are five reasons why an online dance wellness screening can be the best thing you do before classes and rehearsals begin this Fall.

1) Get Stronger and More Flexible

Dancers need strength and flexibility. How you can improve these areas before fall classes and rehearsals begin? In addition to dance-specific conditioning exercises, cross train with activities that work on the areas you need most. Doing so will help you perform your best throughout class. An online Dance Wellness Screening helps you identify the areas that you need to pay attention to!

2) Balance Better

Keeping your balance is critical—if you don’t have a strong foundation in place, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much time you spend practicing other skills; they won’t be used effectively. An online dance wellness screening will help identify where your instabilities lie and what you should focus on to achieve your balance goals. You can then use your results as a benchmark to monitor your progress throughout classes, rehearsals, and performances!

3) Develop Better Technique

Whether you’re a professional dancer or taking your first class, it’s important to be prepared before jumping into new classes and rehearsals. We take control of our health when we go to annual doctor visits, so why not prepare for your next dance season in a similar way? An online dance wellness screening lets you assess barriers to using your best technique. You can use it as a jumping-off point for a conversation with your teacher about what areas need attention; add classes or dance wellness services that are specific to any weaknesses; and see what areas require more attention.

4) Stay Injury Free

As you know, dancing involves a lot of repetitive movements and can be physically demanding. (Yes, that is an understatement!) This is why it’s essential that dancers know and improve their dance wellness. The good news is that you can address problem areas before they become injuries.

5) Enjoy Dancing All Year Long

Once dancers get back in class, they tend to put off their dance wellness needs because they’re busy learning, practicing, or performing. If it’s been a while since you attended your last annual online dance wellness screening, don't worry: It’s not too late to invest in wellness services that can boost your ability to enjoy dancing all year long.

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